view from pierre loti cafe

View from Pierre Loti Cafe looking over the Golden Horn.


Along the Golden Horn lies the district of Eyüp, and sitting atop the Eyüp cemetery, sits the popular and frequented Pierre Loti Cafe.

Either a 40 minute walk uphill through the city’s largest and oldest cemetery, or a quick cable car ride can take you to the top.


eyup cable car


At the top of Eyüp cemetery sits Pierre Loti Cafe, named after the French novelist. Pierre Loti first came to Istanbul in 1876, resided in Eyüp and frequented the cafe. Today it’s a popular meeting place for drinking tea and known for its commanding views over the Golden Horn.


pierre loti cafe


It’s always crowded with locals and tourists alike, but if you’re lucky you’ll be able to grab a seat. I wasn’t in the mood for regular traditional Turkish black tea, so I opted for apple tea instead.


apple tea pierre loti

Drinking apple tea at Pierre Loti Cafe.


We decided to walk down from the cafe to fully take in the views over the Golden Horn and the picturesque tombstones dating back to the Ottoman Era as we descended.


views from eyup cemetery


pierre loti cable car


You’ll also see the wall lined with quotes in Turkish and English.


eyup cemetery quote 2


eyup cemetery quote 1


cats eyup cemetery


If you’re up for a food adventure afterwards, head right across the Golden Horn (via ferry) to Sütlüce for uykuluk!


eyup golden horn

The red flag at the top of Eyüp cemetery marks the spot of Pierre Loti Cafe.