sali pazari yokusu rainbow street


When I initially moved here I was beyond excited to walk along THE rainbow stairs of Istanbul. Unfortunately the original ones still exist but they’re not as bright and vibrant as they once were…however if you’re willing to walk a little further past the original staircase, you’ll find a new rainbow staircase to appease your rainbow stair exploration!


original rainbow staircase

The original rainbow staircase in Cihangir.


Like I said, not as powerful as the original rainbow staircase, but to better understand what those once represented you should read why rainbow stairs exist in Istanbul.


standing on the rainbow stairs

My ‘I need a photo of me on the rainbow stairs’ photo.


cat on rainbow stairs


It’s a very long and steep stairway, so if you’re lucky you might meet some furry friends along the way.


climbing the rainbow stairs




maidens tower in the distance

The Maiden’s Tower can be seen in the distance.


Once you FINALLY reach the top, you’ll see it’s a good workout with great and rewarding views!


galata tower in the distance

The Galata Tower can be seen in the distance.


How to find this rainbow staircase:
You can walk from the Karaköy ferry port along Meclis-i Mebusan Cd. towards the Fındıklı tram stop. Continue walking past the Istanbul Modern Art Museum, you’ll eventually stumble across the original rainbow staircase on your left, walk a little ways further and you’ll be sure to spot the new rainbow staircase, the street’s name is Salı Pazarı Yokuşu.