kumpir baked potato


When one talks about kumpir it’s usually associated with ‘Kumpir Sokak’, translating to ‘Baked Potato Street’, in Ortaköy. A nickname given to the main pedestrian street lined with kumpir and waffle stands that leads to the Ortaköy Mosque.

However, this iconic Istanbul street food can be found throughout the city and country.


kumpir waffles istanbul

Sweet or Salty? Waffle or Kumpir?


As you arrive, a hot potato is pulled out of the oven and is split open as a man quickly mixes a small amount of butter and kaşar cheese into it, making the inside a perfect mashed consistency. Then it’s your turn to pick your toppings – and there’s no limit!


kumpir potato toppings


topping kumpir

Black olives, green olives, pickles, Russian salad, hot dog slices, corn, mixed peas and carrots, and bulgur.


The choices vary but the common toppings featured are hot dog slices, corn, peas, pickles, green and black olives, russian salad (carrots, peas, corn mayonnaise), bulgur, ezme, mushrooms, spicy peppers and haydari yogurt.


kumpir potatoes


potatoes for kumpir

More potatoes coming!