Located on the Anatolian side along the Bosphorus towards Kanlica (before Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge) lies Anadolu Hisari, the Anatolian Fortress. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend making a trip JUST to go here, but if you wanted to walk along the Bosphorus from Cengelköy to Kanlica like we did, it’s a nice stop along the way.


anatolian fortress


During the rise of the Ottomans (Ottoman sultans wanting to take over Constantinople), Ottoman Sultan Yildirim Bayezid I, known as “Thunderbolt” for his speed on the battlefield, constructed Anadolu Hisari, the first Ottoman fortress between 1393-1394 at the narrowest part of the Bosphorus. Strategically choosing this location to cut off aid from reaching Constantinople during the siege, and to control the ships passing through.

50 years later his grandson, Fatih Sultan Mehmet II “Mehmet the Conqueror” enlarged it into an offensive castle. At the same time he built Rumeli Hisarı, opposite the Anatolian fortress on the European side between 1451-1452 (and built in a record 80 days). Providing them with absolute control over the sea traffic and ultimately their successful Ottoman siege of Constantinople one year later.

Note: Of the two, Rumeli Hisarı is the more iconic, recognizable fortress.


anadolu hisari


The fortress sits on the Bosphorus strait and the Goksu Stream. Today it may seem unimpressive and unimportant but it was once believed to have holy water with the ability to rid you of your sins and grant good health. The Byzantines called the Goksu region “Holy Wells”.