turkish pide


Take a pizza, but with the edges folded over into a boat-like shape, almost like an open American calzone, that’s a pide.

There are two different pizza-like foods that are popular in Turkey:
1. The puffy-crusted pide, with different topping combinations (including cheese)
2. The thinner, crispier lahmacun, with 1 flavor (and no cheese)

That is why I believe that the Turkish pide is a closer resemblance to the definition of a pizza than a lahmacun. It also gets delivered in an American style pizza box, but of course long and skinny. (Where a lahmacun gets delivered rolled or folded and wrapped in paper).

Pide is quick, cheap and greasy! Toppings can include cheese, vegetables, egg and meats like lamb, sucuk or pastrami.