rainbow stairs and street


Anybody that knows me knows my love of rainbows, and anybody that reads this blog is familiar with my hunt of finding rainbow stairs throughout this city.

Before my birthdayLaurel and I were trying to plan how we should spend the day. At one point I had mentioned, that somewhere in Istanbul there is a street covered in rainbow umbrellas, so if we could accidentally or purposely find that – that’d be cool.

We set our initial plans aside for a different day and instead visited Süleymaniye Mosque and Vefa Bozacisi. After visiting, we started to make our way home. Mind you, sometimes in Istanbul the streets make NO SENSE and are hard to navigate, so instead of trying to remember the way we came, Umut insisted we try to take a different, less-crowded route and began to lead the way down.


rainbow pinwheels street


This was the first colorful and rainbow encounter of the day, so I obviously got very excited and enjoyed the rainbow pinwheel covered street immensely.


birdhouse covered street


But, because I was too busy taking photos under the colorful pinwheels, I didn’t realize up ahead were birdhouses and vines, maybe 10 feet ahead of where the pinwheels were – thinking to myself, could this get any better?


hot air balloon covered street


Enter – colorful strings of hot air balloons! I didn’t even care that these were advertising for a restaurant, I still found them just as fun.


rainbow umbrella covered street


And as we started to walk down the stairs, I became speechless! Now, for the record, these were not the umbrellas that I had initially mentioned, but these were just as impressive and wonderful as I imagined them to be.


rainbow stairs suleymaniye


Until we walked down the stairs further, we hadn’t realized that we were walking on a set of rainbow stairs! So, at that point I think I’d actually screamed. I think it’s safe to say that my birthday was both colorful and magical and my birthday wish came true!


If you’re standing right in front of the Spice Bazaar with the Eminönü ferry port to the left and the Galata Bridge behind you, walk away from there towards the Süleymaniye Mosque and parallel to the water, about 10 minutes.

After some digging on Google Maps after I came home, I believe the main street (from where the last photo was taken from) is Kebapçıhanı Sokak, 2 34116 Süleymaniye. So with that address, if you can find the building with a big, red sign that reads ‘hisar’, to the right of that is the set of rainbow stairs. From there you can enjoy what I experienced above, but backwards! Or use the address of the restaurant right next to the strings of hot air balloons: Sefa-İ Hürrem Cafe Restaurant: (Demirtaş Mh) Fetva Yokuşu Sefa-i Han Fatih/İstanbul


The story behind rainbow stairs in Istanbul.