Located on a side street in Arnavutköy is a yorgancı (quilt maker). Today it’s a rare sight to see since there are only a few left in Istanbul. Since modern quilts and artificial fibers became popular and people started to prefer the ready-made and machine washable kind, traditional Turkish quilt making has been steadily disappearing.

Pictured is the quilt maker in action fluffing the cotton, pieces of cotton can be seen flying about the air. This cotton-filled, satin-topped quilt will probably be covered with a vibrant color and maybe include some hand embroidered patterns.

Also, if you have a traditional quilt that needs cleaning or re-fluffing, this is your guy!




After learning about this craft, I stumbled upon another yorgancı near my home. You can see in the photo they “stuff” the yorgan (quilt) below, and do the sewing and embroidery on the upper level to the left.




I was also fortunate enough to see a real, handmade yorgan! The orange is the vibrant colored, satin-topped I mentioned. The white is a handmade and embroidered covering that covers the bottom and edges of the quilt.