A mining sculpture in the center of town.


As I sit on the bus from Istanbul to Zonguldak, the young woman next to me asks, “where are you going?” I respond “Zonguldak”, she quickly remarks “why?”. Not a city that a typical foreigner or Turk for that matter would visit, however we were both traveling there to see family. I was going to visit Umut’s mom and to see his hometown.

350 km from Istanbul, about a 5 hour bus ride North on the Black Sea coast is the city of Zonguldak.
The city is known for coal and if interested, here’s a piece to read about the underground mining there.




You can see the city is clearly more green than Istanbul. It also cascades down a steep mountainside so the roads and hills are quite steep, the city is equipped with several staircases to make walking around easier.






Walking down along the seaside, you can see the old archway built in 1848 when the city was established and became the coal port for shipping coal from nearby mines.




You can see the weather became a bit unpredictable and cloudy. This photo is for my Dad, who asked if they were selling fish by the water. The answer is yes, and in the background you can see where the coal is put onto ships.

Below are three former mining towers.






As we continued to walk up along the seashore you can see that the Black Sea continues for miles. The next closest land mass across the sea is Bulgaria, Romania or the Ukraine.


Looking back towards the Zonguldak port.






We walked back down and went to Liman Arkası to enjoy the sunset accompanied with a great köfte sandwich!
We had the best seat in the place, our table was on one of the stones from the jetty/breakwater.




A panoramic view from are seat.