What once started as one restaurant has now multiplied into three on the same street. A menu offering unusual regional dishes from all over Turkey and changes with the season. Located on the Asian side in Kadıköy, is a must-visit and is no longer a secret for foreigners.




We filled our table with Mediterranean inspired dishes, featuring tabbouleh, falafel, hummus and fava beans.




Perde Pilavı – “Pilaf Under the Curtain”
Rice with chicken, spices and almonds are encased in a thin dough and baked.




Stuffed lamb intestines filled with minced meat, rice, tomato paste, and spices.




Kabak Tatlısı – Pumpkin Dessert
Pumpkin slices are coated in sugar and cooked. The dish is served with lemon and tahin on top.



A thin dough layered with syrup, cheese and pistachios.


Çiya Sofrası Caferağa Mah. Güneşlibahçe Sokak No. 43 Kadıköy, Istanbul, Turkey