Every established neighborhood in Istanbul has their own weekly bazaar, in Kadıköy, it’s held every Tuesday.
The Salı Pazarı / Tuesday Bazaar is a massive open-air market aimed at local residents, offering an enormous variety
of fruits, vegetables, cheap clothing, cookware, fabric and so much more.




Pictured above is clothes bargaining and below is mops galore.






Once you’ve gone through the clothing and cookware section, rows of fresh produce of fruits and vegetables are revealed. Not only are they fresh, and of the highest quality but they’re half the cost compared to your local market.






Artichokes, enginar in Turkish, are a local delicacy. Artichoke hearts are commonly seen floating in lemon water
(to prevent discoloring) and are sold on street corners and markets alike.




Watermelon is a readily available fruit come summertime. Sold on the back of trucks, horse drawn carts and outside of markets as cheap as 40 kuruş a kilo. (Imagine 80 cents a pound)




Pictured below is phyllo dough used to make items like börek or katmer.




As you exit, on either side, baby chicks are for sale as pets.





Directions: From Kadıköy, take the metrobüs to Uzunçayır, exit to the right and follow the line of shoppers heading to the market. The sidewalk is lined with miscellaneous sellers, you’ll know you’ve reached the marketplace when see the big sign with yellow type “Kadıköy Kent Meyhanı” below in blue it’ll read “Tarihi Salı Pazarı”.

Hasanpaşa Mahallesi, Mandıra Caddesi No. 1, Kadıköy