My new Turkish friend, Mehmet Ali, insisted that I try Beyran Soup, a specialty from his hometown Gaziantep. He also tried to convince me that it’s better than my beloved kokoreç, in disbelief I had to try – and now I agree with him…I LOVE BEYRAN SOUP!



A soup that is unbeknownst to many Istanbulites, and only known to people who grew up in that region.

Typical of Turkish cuisine, when ordering you can decide how spicy you want it. Normal has a kick, so if you can’t handle spicy, say nothing. I opted for spicy, and even added extra garlic!

Beyran çorbası (beyran soup) is a lamb-based broth with white rice, strands of lamb meat, minced garlic and red pepper flakes.




Apparently in Gaziantep it’s considered a breakfast soup, but here in Istanbul it’s enjoyed all day long – especially late at night/early in the morning after a long night of drinking. Actually the place we went to, and always go to for Beyran, Durumcu Emmi, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t be surprised to find this place packed at 4 in the morning.




And for dessert…


Katmer is another Gaziantep specialty. A thin dough layered with syrup, cheese and pistachios.
To better understand why it’s worth the wait, here’s a video to see how it’s made.



According to Mehmet Ali, this is the best place in Istanbul for Gaziantep cuisine.
It’s located near the Söğütlüçeşme metrobüs stop in Kadıköy. A 10 minute walk from the bull statue.

Dürümcü Emmi – Osmanağa Mah. Mahmut Baba Cad. No:11 Kadıköy / İstanbul