handmade turkish ceramic bowls


Going home for the first time since being in Istanbul was a challenge…what gifts and souvenirs do I bring home?

Handmade Turkish Ceramic Bowls
These bowls are made in various colors, shapes, sizes and styles.
Not only did I gift the 3 together as a wedding gift but I carefully brought different sizes and varieties home for others.


turkish jelly and honey


Pictured above: flower honey, orange peel jam and rose jam.

Honey and Jams
Turkey is a land of fine honey, so honey was a must! Turkish jams are unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before, my new two favorite flavors: orange peel and rose.


turkish goods


Pictured above: apple tea, a bag of ‘5 Spice / All Spice / Köfte Baharı’, Salep and olive oil soap.

Apple Tea
Foreigners who visit Turkey LOVE apple tea compared to regular tea due to it tasting sweet versus bitter.
For such a common and popular souvenir, I felt compelled to include it.

5 Spice / All Spice / Köfte Baharı
Typically used in Köfte (Turkish meatballs) this spice is perfect for flavoring meat and especially chicken!
It bears the flavors of cumin, red pepper, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Salep, the popular winter-time creamy drink made from dried orchid roots.

Olive Oil Soap
This was specifically requested from my sister who craves our fresh, natural olive oil.


evil eye


Evil Eye / Nazar Boncuğu
A common item found throughout Turkey found on buildings, pathways and doorway entrances and even clothing and bracelets. This amulet keeps your protected and protects against evil. A quick 2.5 minute video shows it’s importance and how it’s made.


Other items purchased and not pictured above include:

  • Miniature Turkish rug coin purses
  • Scarves
  • A box of Turkish tea with a variety of flavors
  • Helva
  • Candy Sucuk and Turkish Delight
  • Sucuk
  • A beautiful, colorful mosaic Turkish lamp for my Father
  • Handmade woven, colorful tablecloth


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