Besides Sucuklu Yumurta, menemen is another traditional Turkish breakfast dish. Eggs, onion, tomato, green pepper and spices are scrambled together and served with bread.





Turkey is a land of fine honey and is the second largest production of honey in the world, next to Chına.

Beekeeping is a key part of Marmaris culture, it’s mountainous regions are popular for pine honey.


Orange Peel Jam


The new love of my life, orange peel jam (turunç reçeli).

I’m not a big fan of citrus jams but this was unlike anything I’ve tried before. The orange peels taste as if they’ve been dried and then jellied. I did some digging and found this recipe I’d like to try.




And of course the main ingredients of a Turkish breakfast: cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, olives and cheese.

An added bonus was enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice from the orange tree nearby.




The photos above are some detail shots of our breakfast at Miamai Butik Otel in Bozburun, Turkey.