Moda waffles

I live in Kadiköy near Moda, and often mentioned and recommended is to eat waffles at Kemal Usta. Unlike the States, it’s not a breakfast item served with maple syrup. Here it’s more of a dessert, or an afternoon snack to indulge in with friends.

Similar to the hype of an ice cream stand or frozen yogurt joint, waffles are cooked to order and topped with every topping imaginable. From every type of fruit, several forms of chocolate and candy – the sky’s the limit (literally, there was no limit on how many toppings!)

I clearly didn’t indulge in as many toppings as others. I also didn’t know what some of them were, they weren’t as obvious to the eye, since the labels were obviously in Turkish. However, incase you’re curious, I went with: melted milk chocolate, caramel, strawberries, kiwi, white chocolate and coconut shavings.

You can sit and enjoy your edible masterpiece, or if you want to take it to go, they’ll fold the waffle and serve it to you in a paper carton, like a hot dog.

And if I didn’t do enough justice describing it above, maybe the fact that the place is ALWAYS packed with people and the smell will lure you in. Oh, and they opened an additional location 100 feet away to accommodate all the hungry customers.


Kemal Usta Waffles // Caferağa Mh., Moda Parkı, 34710 Kadıköy/İstanbul