Cotton Candy
Yes, this man travels around with his car (not a cart) and makes cotton candy in his trunk and places them on the roof for display to sell.




Fortune Telling Rabbits
The first time I ever saw a man with a baby stroller pushing a rabbit, I was instantly confused and didn’t know what to think. Now I understand, that it’s not a man out with his pet for an afternoon stroll – it’s a fortune telling rabbit! Pay the man, and one of his furry rabbits will select your fortune. For Gilmore Girl fans, it’s like when Paul Anka was the Amazing Doggy Swami – it’s silly and fun and real, very very real.

If you’re familiar with the online blog McSweeney’s, they wrote an article about fortune telling rabbits in Sultanahmet. I’ve also spotted a fortune telling rabbit in Bebek.




Balloon Shooting
A popular past time near the sea. Pay the man and shoot the ballons. No prizes are won, it’s for pure enjoyment.