gara guzu


When drinking beer in Turkey you’re stuck with three choices: Efes, Bomonti or Tuborg. Of course you can find familiar beers like Heineken, Samuel Adams, Foster’s or Becks…but they’re harder to find and more expensive.

Craft beers and microbrews do not exist here…until now, introducing Turkey’s first craft beer on the market: Gara Guzu.

Gara Guzu, the way the Aegean region pronounces “kara kuzu” meaning black sheep.
Produced in Muğla, located in between Izmir and Antalya.


gara guzu


Luckily for me, the beer description is in both Turkish and English.

Blonde Ale, 5%
This deep gold coloured beer uses 100% English and German malts for a full biscuit flavour, with a unique blend of hops to create a fresh, floral and citrus fruit aroma.

Amber Ale, 5%
This amber coloured ale, uses 100% of the finest English malts to create a rich toffee flavour and choice German, American and English hops to bring orange and spicy bitterness.


gara guzu

The sticker pictured above is on every beer bottle in Turkey.
It means: If 18+ people get into a car, someone might get pregnant.


Being an IPA drinker, I preferred the Blonde Ale.


It’s a difficult beer to find, we’ve only found it in two places to date:
1. To drink: Belfast Irish Pub // Caferağa Mh., Esat Işık Cad. No:28/1 Kadıköy, Istanbul
2. To purchase: Rind // Caferağa Mh., Sarraf Ali Sk No:3, Kadıköy, Istanbul (33cl: 6,50₺ / 50cl: 9,50₺)