pickled items


Selling pickled items since 1913 and a family business shop since 1938, Asri Turşucu provides Cihangir with every pickled item imaginable.

The shop closes for 3 months every summer, from June to September, when they head to Bursa to pickle their harvest (from their farm). Only using Bursa spring water, lemon juice and salt for pickling.


asri tursucu cihangir


inside asri tursucu


You can walk in and just order pickle juice (typically drank as a hangover cure) or enjoy an array of pickled items of your choosing. I saw containers of everything from cabbage, cauliflower, pickles, olives, peppers, garlic, tomatoes, grape leaves, beets, melons, carrots, green beans and more.



I got a cup filled with pickles, cabbage, cauliflower and their signature pickle juice.


Being a pickle connoisseur, I was extremely impressed with this place, but keep in mind the Turkish word ‘turşu’ is used for any pickled item. Unlike in America when you say pickle and it implies pickled cucumbers, here you have to identify what type of pickled ‘turşu’ item you desire.


asri tursucu pickles


Asri Turşucu Kuloğlu Mahallesi Ağa Hamamı Caddesi No. 9/A Cihangir