Kazandibi Dessert
In Turkish, kazandibi translates to “the very bottom of the pan” – exactly where this dish comes from. The overcooked milky, sweet pudding is scraped from the bottom of the pot and is served folded.

However, this dessert also goes by a second name, Tavuk Göğsü Tatlısı, which translates to Chicken Breast Dessert. Even though you can’t detect the slightest trace of chicken flavor, it actually contains shreds of chicken. I swear, all you taste is a milky, creamy pudding with hints of cinnamon. You can imagine this dessert is a favorite of mother’s to trick their kids into getting plenty of protein.




Instead of phyllo dough, kadayıf (finely shredded dough) is the main base of this dish. Unsalted cheese is set between two layers of kadayıf baked, soaked in sweet syrup and served topped warm with pistachios.