Winter in Istanbul usually hits around October and lasts until April, and the months from November and February see a fair amount of rain. The temperatures typically vary between 40F – 55F and snow showers are rare.

I heard that Turkey does see snow, but Istanbul only sees a dusting, there hasn’t been real snow here in about 5-7 years (according to locals).

I must have brought New York with me here. The temperature has dropped to 30F with an expected 6 inches on the way. However, this is a city that doesn’t anticipate snow, so a lot of public transportation is having trouble functioning and is closing down.




View of our street this morning.




Views of the snow beginning last night, walking home from the Kadıköy ferry port.


Stray dogs checking out snow.




Bahriye Street


Snow Update:
Like I said, though Istanbul is not a stranger to snow, the strength, duration and amount of this storm is quite unusual. The Istanbul airport closed temporarily and Turkish Airlines canceled 300+ flights. Local ferries and even the Bosphorus Strait (the main shipping channel) was closed. Towns put salt on the roads, but it wasn’t enough – 800+ car accidents occurred Tuesday-Wednesday due to bad driving conditions and no snow tires.