Everyday I commute from one continent to the other, and enjoy the Bosphorus by ferry. Cheap compared to NYC, one way costs 2,15 TL from Kadıköy to Beşiktaş and approximately takes 20 minutes. Departing from both ports every 30 minutes, this is the best way to travel throughout the city, especially to avoid traffic.

From Kadıköy especially it’s a treat because you get a panoramic view of the Old City where you can easily see the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. Followed by a view of the Golden Horn and Galata Tower. When arriving in Beşiktaş a view of the Bosphorus Bridge is seen.


A view of Süleymaniye Mosque in the distance.


A view of the Galata Bridge.


A view of the Galata Tower.


A woman feeding the seagulls simit.


Feeding the seagulls simit seems to be a popular pastime of Turks. As soon as the ferry leaves the port, passengers begin to start feeding the simit to the seagulls. Besides seeing seagulls, it’s possible to see dolphins jumping through the Bosphorus, but that’s a rare sight to see.


Seagulls anxiously waiting for simit.


Inside view of the ferry with the Bosphorus Bridge behind.


View of the Bosphorus Bridge from the Beşiktaş port.