Kebab in English, Kebap in Turkish, is one of the best, well-known dishes of Turkish cuisine, and the country’s most popular national dish.

The word ‘kabab’ is an Arabic word meaning to roast meat. Yet, only in Turkish history did it get it’s new meaning of charcoaled, skewered meat. It’s said that in Turkish tradition, medieval Turkish soldiers invented this dish when they used their swords to grill meat over open fires.

The most famous kebab dish is undoubtedly döner, but kebab comes in many forms.




Adana Kebab

The signature kebab dish is named after Adana, a city in Turkey known for kebabs.

Skewers of minced lamb, onion, garlic and spices are kneaded together and packed onto long wide skewers that are then charcoal grilled. When cooked, it forms a long, hollow tube of cooked meet, once the skewer is removed.




Ali Nazik Kebab

Using the same meat featured in the Adana Kebab, this dish contains skewered lamb served on top of roasted eggplant mixed with yogurt, garlic and spices.






When in Kadıköy, a go-to-place for kebab is Dürümcü Emmi.




A photo of the menu show some popular menu items, pictured in the first column: kelle paça çorbası (sheep head soup), patlıcan kebabı (eggplant kebab) and lahmacun.

This is also the place to try beyran soup.




Dürümcü Emmi – Osmanağa Mah. Mahmut Baba Cad. No:11 Kadıköy / İstanbul