Everyone knows I LOVE rainbows, so when stumbling upon a rainbow staircase, I of course got excited. I quickly learned that not only is it a common site in Turkey, but that it symbolizes something. No, seeing stairs painted rainbow is not a symbol of gay pride, here it represents so much more.




It all started May 2013 in Taksim at Gezi Park. In a Turks’ eye the government does whatever the government wants and people were getting fed up. Enough was enough, the people wanted to say something and wanted to be heard. The protests started and spread throughout the country.

One of the issues during this time was that the government wanted to destroy public parks and turn them into commercial shopping centers – so people retaliated by painting stairs in those areas rainbow. It started in Taksim’s Gezi Park and spread throughout the country. To this day you can see staircases painted rainbow to represent and protest against parks being destroyed in Istanbul and around Turkey.




These stairs were founded in Moda Park on Şifa Sokak in Kadıköy.
(They’re also a shortcut for me to get from home to the park).

In addition to my hobby of finding street mattresses, I plan to find as many rainbow stairs as possible.