In our backyard, about 10 minutes away are two large, beautiful parks, Moda Park and Yoğurtçu Park, that connect to create a beautiful walk along the Marmara Sea. The waterfront park leads a path around the peninsula from the Kadıköy ferry port all the way to the Fenerbahçe soccer stadium.




As you walk towards the Kadıköy ferry port, beautiful panoramic views of the Old Town are revealed. The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia can prominently be seen in the skyline.




Exercise does not seem to be an essential part of life here. There are about 5 exercise areas in this park alone and the most action I saw was this dog sleeping.




View of the Fenerbahçe soccer stadium, one of the biggest soccer teams in Istanbul.


Technically in Yoğurtçu Park now. A nice running lane and several fenced in basketball and tennis courts are available.


Besides walking the duration of the park (approximately 45 minutes), I recommend taking a break and climbing the stairs in Moda to the Moda Cay Bahcesi (Moda Tea Garden). The perfect place for a cup of tea with a view above Moda Park of the Sea of Marmara with the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia in the distance.