The decision is made and the flight is booked, I’m leaving New York and moving to Istanbul, Turkey.
And so the adventure begins…

The following post will be good advice for anyone coming to visit me or for anyone moving or traveling abroad.


Thanks to the blog The Legendary Adventures of Anna, and her post “The Top 10 Ways I Afford to Travel the World“, I discovered Skyscanner – a search engine site that finds the cheapest dates and airports to fly to and when, for national and international flights.




Due to flying two different airlines, I had to make sure my luggage adhered to the smaller size and weight of the two flights.
1. CHECKED BAGGAGE = 1 bag, up to 50lb (any size)
2. CARRY ON = 1 bag, up to 15lbs, 21”(h) x 13”(w) x 9”(d)
3. PERSONAL ITEMS = meaning a tote bag/purse/backpack that can go under the seat in front of you.

NOTE: if your checked baggage is overweight the fee is $150. If you check an additional bag up to 50lb, it’s only $100 (or less depending on the airline) so I obviously checked an additional bag. I can not HIGHLY recommend enough the need for a luggage scale!

FYI: The first black bag (on the left) is an L.L.Bean, Adventure Duffle – Extra Large. It’s so big my (adult) sister can fit inside it. The second bag (in the middle) is a LeSportsac Large Weekender.


Goodbye New York.



From EWR (Newark, NJ) to BRU (Brussels, Belgium) on Jet Airways.
I highly recommend flying Jet Airways. Flight includes free individual movies and plenty of leg room. The flight was about 6 hours. The meal option was chicken or vegetable, and then the option of Continental or Indian style.



From BRU (Brussels, Belgium) to IST (Istanbul, Turkey) on Turkish Airlines.
This was a short flight about 3.5 hours, which included a meal option of grilled chicken medallions in a mustard curry butter or ‘tas kebap’, traditional beef stew in tomato sauce.


First look at Istanbul.


Flying to Istanbul you actually have two airport choices, IST (Atatürk Airport) and SAW (Sabiha Gökçen Airport). Similar to NYC, depending where you’re going in the city, speak to your host on which airport they advise.